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Digital Marketing & Social Media Advertising Services

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Digital Marketing Services   

Search Engine Marketing 

(Yahoo, Google, MSN, Ask etc.) An easy and effective way to reach a large number of potential customers to build more prospects and leads.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is organized messages in bulk to a specified target audience of your database and engages with them in the social media.

Website Development 

We can create ultimate unique website for you with associated mail inbox and web host server as well deliver constant  maintenance and  updates. 

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO or inbound marketing is important for google ranking to discover your products and services  to millions of potential customers.

Analytical Reports 

We provide full transparency to our clients analytical reports from social media website performance at any given time

Standardized Themes

To every customer we provide individual standardized themes, personalized to your brand identity. which will be run over the digital marketing campaigns 

Social Media Advertising 

Promote your business brand, build trust, customer loyalty, creates awareness and generates leads and prospects all via Social Media Marketing. 

Strategic Marketing Plan

We provide comprehensive marketing report, study the industry trends, plans of execution, set targets (KPI) and plan leads generation  

System Integration

We integrate Social Media, website and all the analytical and tracking systems so your digital eco system is in top shape. 

About Us

Hashtag Digital Box, support startup companies, small to medium business and corporate brands of all sizes that require cost-effective, professional and result oriented digital marketing and advertising via social media for achieving customer goals and objectives.

We are a digital marketing agency providing hybrid solutions via social media marketing, strategic planning, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing campaigns and innovative bespoke approach.  


Unlike traditional digital marketing agencies Hashtag Digital Box study industry trends, competitor analysis and prepare comprehensive strategic marketing plans, to provide effective advertising services and generate high quality leads and brand visibility to our customers.

Angel Petkov
CEO & Founder
Certified Digital Marketer BBA (UK) and MSc in Marketing (USA)

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Tina Prior
Creative Director
D&AD award-winning Creative Director

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