9 Ways to Market your Real Estate Business

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

by Angel Petkov 20/03/2019

With every year, Dubai’s real estate market is getting more mature, which means that property seekers are more eager to be selective with their choices. The challenge before real estate agents is now to offer not only high quality but also affordability.

Digital Marketing tips for real estate

Dubai moves in the direction of having oversupply and low demand for properties. All real estate agencies and agents have a common goal: To turn renters into buyers and activate more demand from investors who would consider buying a property if it’s affordable.

To do that, the real estate business needs to get creative and invest in marketing. We want to draw a line here: As sales professionals, real estate agents often mistook marketing with sales. They are very much connected, but in their essence, they use different tools, strategies and tactics to develop a given business.

Soon we will share with you what is the difference between sales and marketing in a different article. So stay tuned!

Now let’s see what you can do to boost your sales with marketing.

Get online with step 1: Create a website!

Many professionals underestimate the importance of a website. All of your marketing efforts start and end with your website. To advertise in any digital platform, you will need to set a destination. All of your ads will need a place where they can land your potential customers. And that is your website. The most important thing you should remember is that your website is your online property. You own it, and you decide what information to include. Your website is your virtual business card. When people land on it they get first impressions of your business:

Does it look nice? Does it blend the right combination of colour? Does it load fast? Does it contain the information they are looking for? Do you seem professional? Is your website safe? (Meaning does it have an SSL certificate to protect user’s data) Does it have proper navigation, and is it easy to interact with? Is it trustworthy?

These are just a few of the question your visitors and potential clients spin in their head why surfing in it. If you want to develop brand awareness and trust - create a website that looks professional! Before you do that: Start with the name. Find a domain that will match your business name and your business field.

2. Get digitally social!

Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms to promote your business. These digital places give you the opportunity to:

Showcase your properties.

Give useful tips to your potential customers.

Engage with your audience.

Reach more people than conventional sales and marketing process - cold calls, cold emails, leaving your business cards everywhere (specially on bar tables), billboards and posters, TV ads and etc. Social media give you the opportunity to target specific groups which if you define correctly, they become your target buyers - the people who are willing to buy from you. Post in all social media that you potential buyers use.

Not only that - social media boost brand awareness, loyalty and trust because it aims at showing different aspects of your business such as property updates, client experience, testimonials, property images, videos, storytelling pieces of content and much more. Social media are all about getting your clients to know you, gain trust and contact you. Forget about posting only sales materials - they will push your prospects away!

3. Get live on social media!

Now that you have a social media profile or a business page, get live! People love live events. They see immediately who is live at the moment and tune it.

Numbers say it all:

Live videos are watched 3 times longer than regular videos which appear as posts.

So why don’t you try it and share with us how that worked for you?

Tip: Stream online when you go to a property you’d like to show to more people. Accent on view, location, floor, size and at the end of the video place a Call-to-Action to contact you for more details. Make it sound like you.

4. Add stories to Instagram and Facebook!

Before we give you details let’s throw a few statistics to backup our recommendation:

70% of Instagram users watch stories daily.One in four Gen Z and Millennials seek stories of products and services that they are considering buying.Story ads increase recall, purchase intent and CTR.

So hop on and upload stores to get in the heads of your leads!

5. Follow what the competition is doing!

And by following we don’t mean steal. Having an eye on your competitors can give you ideas how to market your business better than theirs. In order to be better than them, you need to know what they do, what makes them successful and find your own way of developing competitive advantage.

6. Use Email Marketing for retargeting and remarketing

Every business must develop a client database which can use for marketing efforts. Send your customers and prospects updates on your business, your properties, success stories, useful blog posts, discounts for loyalty and more!

Create segments of your clients and send different info to them. No one likes to receive information that is useless. So think about how you can use email marketing more efficiently.

7. Develop a real estate blog!

Content is king. Now that you have a website you need to take care of your content. When you refresh your blog posts and publish new useful ones, Google gets alert and its bots come to visit your website. They decide if you deserve to be higher in search results or lower. Forget about counting keywords - make your content useful. The more your visitors interact with your content, the better you rank.

Tip: Rankings are affected positively by social media promoting because it drives traffic to your blog!

Stay tuned because in our next articles we will give you ideas for your future blog!

8. Register your real estate business at Google Locations!

Have you ever wondered how a business appears with a full summary of its details on Google when you search for a specific service?

It’s no secret - Google Locations. It’s perfect for local businesses and in fact - for any business. Registration is super easy. Just fill in your name, upload pictures, working hours, location, your website’s url, contacts and you are ready to appear on search results as trustworthy business.

9. Create stunning business cards and always carry them with you!

Remember that a website is your digital business card? Well, when you meet a prospect always be ready to handle a good-looking business card including your names, your agency, contacts and website to visit you digitally.

Ready to boost your brand awareness and sales? We bet you are! Contact us or follow us on LinkedIn to get more digital marketing tips.

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